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Navajo Nation ARPA/NNFRFO Deadline
Time Left to OBLIGATE Funds



The NNFRF Office shall be a clearinghouse that will, at a minimum, educate the public on NNFRF matters; coordinates, facilitates and implements NNFRF responsibilities assigned to OPVP or the Executive Branch; ensure expeditious review of NNFRF eligibility determinations and other NNFRF matters by Executive Branch programs and offices; ensure Navajo Nation compliance with Fiscal Recovery Funds provisions of ARPA and Navajo Nation laws and regulations by all entities receiving NNFRF funds; facilitates and expedites the expenditure of all NNFRF funds; ensures the completion and implementation of NNFRF authorized projects and services; and assists/supports Office of the Controller in monitoring the expenditure of NNFRF funds and submitting timely and accurate ARPA reports to the federal government.

Source: Navajo Nation Council Resolution CJY-41-21


The Navajo Nation Financial Fraud Hotline

The Hotline accepts tips and complaints from all sources about potential fiscal fraud, waste, abuse, and mismanagement in Navajo Nation programs. Your information will be reviewed promptly by a professional staff member.

Please include the Person(s) involved, the Program name, what the Fraud was about, where did it happen, a Date or Time.  The more details you can give us, the better we can investigate the potential fraud.

All Navajo Nation and contract employees have a responsibility to assist in combating fraud, waste, and abuse in all departmental programs. As such, you are encouraged to report matters involving fraud, waste, and mismanagement in any Navajo Nation program(s) to the Hotline and email provided.

a. Phone number is 1-844-747-2767. Please do not call the Fraud Hotline for CARES and Hardship Assistance information.

b. Email address is

All calls/emails will be treated confidentially.  Thank you.

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